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Head shot 2021.heic


Born on the frozen tundra of Lake Michigan, Seth Damoose entered the world with a salt-and-pepper beard so perfect God himself wept at the creation. With a lifelong fascination with drawing and the drive and determination of a Detroit muscle car, Seth set out to carve his niche in the comic world. After being told that his style was more VW Beetle than Ford Mustang, Seth opted to forego traditional training and hone the style the profits would call "Too Cartoony"

Praise from collaborators:
His art embodies the skim that rises from the best comic art available today. And yet his notoriety hides in the shadows, like a great comic book vigilante, there for us helpless citizens when we most need brilliant cartooning to save the day.

Jay Fosgitt, Floppy Cop

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